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     Personal Income Per Capita by Region and State in Dollars
  1990   2002   Level Chg   % Chg   % Chg p.a. 
 United States7249,622,814 7287,625,193  738,002,379  715.2  71.2 
 New Englandl13,229,502 l14,122,441  l892,939  l6.7  l0.5 
 Connecticutg3,291,967 g3,458,749  g166,782  g5.1  g0.4 
 Maine.1,231,719 .1,295,960  .64,241  .5.2  .0.4 
 Massachusetts&6,022,639 &6,417,206  &394,567  &6.6  &0.5 
 New Hampshirebbb1,112,384 bbb1,269,089  bbb156,705  bbb14.1  bbb1.1 
 Rhode Islandb1,005,995 b1,065,995  b60,000  b6.0  b0.5 
 Vermontddd564,798 ddd615,442  ddd50,644  ddd9.0  ddd0.7 
 Mideastgg43,761,704 gg46,841,190  gg3,079,486  gg7.0  gg0.6 
 Delawarefff669,567 fff806,169  fff136,602  fff20.4  fff1.6 
 District of ColumbiaUUU605,321 UUU573,158  UUU-32,163  UUU-5.3  UUU-0.5 
 Maryland=4,799,770 =5,440,389  =640,619  =13.3  =1.0 
 New JerseyS7,762,963 S8,552,643  S789,680  S10.2  S0.8 
 New Yorkz18,020,784 z19,137,800  z1,117,016  z6.2  z0.5 
 PennsylvaniaF11,903,299 F12,331,031  F427,732  F3.6  F0.3 
 Great LakesUU42,091,157 UU45,550,284  UU3,459,127  UU8.2  UU0.7 
 IllinoisN11,453,316 N12,525,556  N1,072,240  N9.4  N0.7 
 Indianakk5,557,798 kk6,155,967  kk598,169  kk10.8  kk0.9 
 MichiganF9,311,319 F10,015,710  F704,391  F7.6  F0.6 
 Ohiosss10,864,162 sss11,407,889  sss543,727  sss5.0  sss0.4 
 Wisconsinz4,904,562 z5,445,162  z540,600  z11.0  z0.9 
 Plains^^17,697,550 ^^19,468,009  ^^1,770,459  ^^10.0  ^^0.8 
 Iowa92,781,018 92,934,234  9153,216  95.5  90.4 
 Kansasnn2,481,349 nn2,713,535  nn232,186  nn9.4  nn0.7 
 Minnesota///4,389,857 ///5,018,935  ///629,078  ///14.3  ///1.1 
 MissouriII5,128,880 II5,674,825  II545,945  II10.6  II0.8 
 Nebraskall1,581,660 ll1,728,292  ll146,632  ll9.3  ll0.7 
 North Dakotaa637,685 a638,168  a483  a0.1  a0.0 
 South Dakota[697,101 [760,020  [62,919  [9.0  [0.7 
 Southeastyy59,516,122 yy71,151,666  yy11,635,544  yy19.6  yy1.5 
 AlabamaG4,050,055 G4,480,089  G430,034  G10.6  G0.8 
 Arkansaszzz2,356,586 zzz2,705,927  zzz349,341  zzz14.8  zzz1.2 
 Floridaff13,033,307 ff16,689,370  ff3,656,063  ff28.1  ff2.1 
 GeorgiaJJJ6,512,602 JJJ8,508,256  JJJ1,995,654  JJJ30.6  JJJ2.3 
 KentuckyUU3,694,048 UU4,089,875  UU395,827  UU10.7  UU0.9 
 Louisianammm4,221,532 mmm4,497,267  mmm275,735  mmm6.5  mmm0.5 
 Mississippi12,578,897 12,858,681  1279,784  110.8  10.9 
 North Carolina1116,664,016 1118,326,201  1111,662,185  11124.9  1111.9 
 South Carolina;;;3,501,155 ;;;4,107,795  ;;;606,640  ;;;17.3  ;;;1.3 
 Tennessee]4,894,492 ]5,795,918  ]901,426  ]18.4  ]1.4 
 VirginiaKK6,216,884 KK7,286,873  KK1,069,989  KK17.2  KK1.3 
 West Virginiamm1,792,548 mm1,805,414  mm12,866  mm0.7  mm0.1 
 Southwestcc25,411,251 cc32,430,969  cc7,019,718  cc27.6  cc2.1 
 ArizonaTTT3,684,097 TTT5,396,255  TTT1,712,158  TTT46.5  TTT3.2 
 New MexicoJ1,521,574 J1,855,309  J333,735  J21.9  J1.7 
 Oklahoma 3,148,825  3,489,080  340,255  10.8  0.9 
 TexasSS17,056,755 SS21,690,325  SS4,633,570  SS27.2  SS2.0 
 Rocky Mountainn7,305,119 n9,567,277  n2,262,158  n31.0  n2.3 
 Coloradokk3,307,618 kk4,490,406  kk1,182,788  kk35.8  kk2.6 
 Idaholl1,012,384 ll1,340,372  ll327,988  ll32.4  ll2.4 
 MontanaS800,204 S911,667  S111,463  S13.9  S1.1 
 UtahMMM1,731,223 MMM2,324,815  MMM593,592  MMM34.3  MMM2.5 
 WyomingQ453,690 Q500,017  Q46,327  Q10.2  Q0.8 
 Far West::40,610,409 ::48,493,357  ::7,882,948  ::19.4  ::1.5 
 Alaska'''553,290 '''642,337  '''89,047  '''16.1  '''1.3 
 Californiabb29,959,515 bb34,871,843  bb4,912,328  bb16.4  bb1.3 
 HawaiiK1,113,491 K1,239,613  K126,122  K11.3  K0.9 
 Nevadavv1,220,695 vv2,173,791  vv953,096  vv78.1  vv4.9 
 OregonVVV2,860,375 VVV3,513,424  VVV653,049  VVV22.8  VVV1.7 
 WashingtonG4,903,043 G6,052,349  G1,149,306  G23.4  G1.8 

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