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Overview of Economagic Excel Macro

After you have saved the Economagic.xls file, and opened it, you will see the Economagic menu.

The first thing you'll want to do is to login, just like you would in your internet browser.

Enter your information, and click LOGIN

Now you're ready to get all the Economagic data.
Click on a Series List that you wish to browse.

Click on a Series Title, and then the To Data > button.

You will then see the data in a window, and be presented with a set of display options.

If you want this series on your spreadsheet, you must indicate where you wish the series to start.
Click on the indicator to the right of the Start data in cell box to allow you to click on the start cell.

Unless you want to change other options, you can now hit OK to dump the data into your spreadsheet.

Note the Economagic menu option Update Series. Once a series is dumped to your spreadsheet, a comment is placed with the data. This allows the data to be updated whenever you wish.

If you have any questions or comments about Economagic excel macro, please email us at

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