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Self-updating Excel Files

Many popular series can obtained in a self-updating excel file. When you get such a file, you can copy cell entries from it to your own worksheets, to create your own database in an excel file and never again have to worry about updating it yourself. Whenever you access your worksheet, new and revised data will appear.

For example here are two excel files:

These two files along with 9,000 odd others are updated by Economagic whenever new data is published. By the way, if there are other series that you want to put in a self-updating file, please contact us.

The following two files show what the self-updating excel files for these two series look like.

You can save these two files. You can open them at a later date and you will be asked whether you wish "to update all linked information". Click on "Yes" and the data will be refreshed.

Click here to see an example of a combination of these two files.

In this way, if you were a Level I or Forecast subscriber, you can create your own self-updating charts and reports with Economagic excel files.

If you are really inventive you can also, in Word, link to cells of yout database for reports containing the most recent data and perhaps charts of that data.

If you have questions about this, please contact us.

Click here to find out what subscriber services Economagic offers.

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