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Free Subscriptions

Economagic offers free subscriptions to teachers (incl. professors, instructors) who use Economagic services for class. This is intended to work much like complementary copies of textbooks sent out by publishers. In this case, the price of a free subscription is to be on Economagic's email list which will notify teachers of Economagic news.

There are two differences between the free and paid Level I subscriptions. Free subscribers do not get access to the source information, and may get advertisements on the webpages. Thus free subscribers get access to all data on excel files and "copy & paste" format for easy transfer to various computer programs.

Please note, that these free accounts are not to be shared.

Also, please note that free subscriptions will last one year, as the offer of the free subscription is intended to give teachers time to evaluate the service for their classes.

To obtain a free subscription, please email us at . In this message, please include your name and the URL of a webpage which includes your name and email address. This information will be used to determine whether you are a bona fide teacher. Please include your desired username and password.

Otherwise, please send us your name and email address on institutional letterhead to:

Economagic, LLC
Subscription Services
P.O. Box 130837
Birmingham, AL 35213

If you have any questions about any part of the subscription service, please email us at

Subscribers can access data in Excel spreadsheet, and Copy & Paste formats.

Sites of Interest: Conerly Consulting: Economics for Business Decisions *

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