Knowing where to look for the best stock trading possibilities and predicting your return on investment is essential when trading stocks. Of course, anyone who’s ever considered investing in or trading stocks knows several stock trading systems and the available services. But not every service reveals the truth about every publicly-held company. Sometimes the best deals slip through the cracks, hidden, like a pearl in an oyster.

That’s where Hidden Alpha comes in.

What is Hidden Alpha?

Hidden Alpha is a platform developed by Joel Litman to help traders maximise their earnings when trading. The program acts as a guide that gives you winning stocks to trade in for the day. This is done by scanning the market using its algorithm and finding any stock that has recently received positive attention, is breaking out, or both.

By eliminating the less favourable stock, Hidden Alpha provides you with a daily supply of high probability trades from which you can choose. You can then decide to follow the trade or cancel it based on your decision-making process.

The best part of Hidden Alpha is that it does most of the work for you. 

Hidden Alpha’s Main Features

There are several features to Hidden Alpha that make it such a great companion platform to any trader.

Daily Selection of Winning Stocks

Hidden Alpha will give you a list of daily selections, which the program chooses using its algorithm. The list is thorough and diverse, providing you with various stock trading options to choose from every day.

Profit Potential Alerts

Alongside the list of stock trading choices, Hidden Alpha will send you alerts on which stocks have the highest profit potential that day. This alert helps you make a more calculated and informed decision when choosing your stock to trade in for the day.

Easily Cancel Trades

If for any reason, you feel that one of the stocks isn’t quite right for you, then you can easily cancel the trade and choose a different stock. This feature is beneficial if you invest in a low-performing stock that wasn’t necessarily your first choice.

Daily Market Analysis

Hidden Alpha will send you a breakdown of each day’s trading themes, including why the algorithm chose it.

Trading Simulator

Hidden Alpha’s trading simulator is one of our favourite tools. You can use this to test out your skills before going live. This feature ensures that you understand how to choose your stock and make accurate predictions on whether it will go up or down in price. You can also improve your skills by practising with Hidden Alpha.

Hidden Alpha Software

Hidden Alpha provides its users with accurate predictions on which stocks will perform well and which won’t. Their daily analysis of the market trends helps give a clear picture of which stocks will be popular shortly.


Hidden Alpha is known to emphasise its user-friendly interface, with its website being easy to navigate and use. Users can gain access to accurate stock information without spending too much time understanding how everything works.

Users of Hidden Alpha can see which companies have a high-profit margin and how much money they make along with the percentage above their initial cost.

Free Trial Period

Hidden Alpha offers a free trial period for its software. The trial period is an excellent way to see if the program is right for you and whether it can provide you with high-performing stock options before giving them your credit card details. The trial period, along with the 7-day money-back guarantee, gives you a 30-day window in which to decide whether Hidden Alpha is right for you.

Hidden Alpha Pricing Options

Hidden Alpha offers a free trial period, but you must provide your credit card details to sign up. It’s affordable at $49 for the first 12 months of subscription and then $199 annually after that.

Hidden Alpha also offers discounts for new users and those who choose the yearly plan.

Signing up with Hidden Alpha

The sign-up process is relatively simple and only requires a few details from you to get started. After submitting your credit card details, you can use the free trial option given by Hidden Alpha.

The free trial period is a good way for you to test out their stock trading platform before subscribing. It also gives you the chance to see whether they can provide high-performing stock options like they promised, meaning that it serves as a helpful assessment tool for them and ensures that you are only charged once you have decided that the service is right for you.

Who Can Benefit From Hidden Alpha?

Hidden Alpha is primarily geared towards stock trading newbies looking to make their first few steps into the world of stock trading without much experience.

Hidden Alpha is also suitable for those interested in entering this line of work but don’t have time to learn about cryptocurrency, as Hidden Alpha does a lot of the hard work for you. The choice of daily stocks makes it easy for those interested in making big trades by opting for a safer and more simplistic way of trading.

Crypto Enthusiasts

Hidden Alpha appeals to cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking to make a passive income from their earnings through stock options. This platform is especially useful if you have previously been investing your money into cryptocurrencies but want something more concrete to invest in.

For those interested in making money through cryptocurrencies and those who want a platform that can guide them towards high-performing stocks, this might be the right choice for you.

Wrapping Up

Those who trade stocks know that it always comes with a risk. You can’t predict whether the market will drop or what kind of return you’ll get. It involves market conditions and your judgment. So, from time to time, you’ll make investments that don’t pan out. Hidden Alpha is meant as a guide to assist you on your trading journey; it isn’t a money guarantee. However, that is what investing, and trading is all about.

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