Future investment ideas

Predicting which industries/companies will take off can be lucrative and early investors in Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and the like will attest.

Here’s a list of industries that have the potential to explode over the next 20-30 years. A good strategy to exploit these industries is find the best companies within them and take a position. The best companies will have something unique over the competition, in the best position to R&D and have a talented leader, these are all areas to be researching.

  1. AI and it’s implementation in every sector
  2. Robotics
  3. Machine learning
  4. Space exploration
  5. Sustainability that can impact on a mass scale
  6. The next advancement in car manufacture – electric still isn’t sustainable
  7. Lab grown meat
  8. Nano tech
  9. Genomics
  10. eLearning
  11. Augmented reality
  12. 3d printing tech
  13. Blockchain tech
  14. Schooling models
  15. Coral restoration
  16. Soil quality consistency
  17. Pharmaceutical breakthrough drugs
  18. Waste management – the way the world handles it’s waste is worrying
  19. Genetic engineering
  20. Data protection, cyber security
  21. Warfare tech
  22. Water purification
  23. Gene editing
  24. Bio coding
  25. Brain interfaces
  26. Quantum computing
  27. Organic farming
  28. Micro mobility
  29. Vertical farming
  30. Space manufacturing
  31. The internet of things
  32. Reforestation
  33. Neural networking
  34. Uranium
  35. Clean oceans
  36. Budgeting (see YNAB vs Mint)
  37. Alcohol stocks
  38. TAAS stocks

It’s worth noting that just because a particular industry or niche is ‘the future’ it doesn’t automatically make it a good investment. We’re looking for complete game changes that impact the lives of billions of people so they’re quite a rare beast.

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