In the world of supercars, Lamborghini has built a reputation for speed, class, and top-notch engineering. The Lamborghini Aventador is well-known for reaching speeds up to 220mph and the ability to go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds!

Bragging points aside, car enthusiasts are not the only ones interested in Lamborghini. Following the auto brand’s impressive performance over the years, investors have been looking to cash in on its fortunes. Lamborghini stock is very attractive if you are looking for an investment that will give you fast returns.

Can You Purchase Lamborghini Stock?

The global automobile industry is over 100 years old, and with projections indicating that it will continue to grow, purchasing stocks is a great decision. However, Lamborghini stock will not be riding this wave.

Lamborghini is owned by the Volkswagen Group (VW) through its subsidiary, Audi. So, as the owner of the Lamborghini car brand, VW will have to consider whether selling the controlling stake will be a profitable venture. With Lamborghini’s favourable market position and popularity among customers, a stock listing is sure to attract attention from investors.  

While Lamborghini stocks are yet to be made available, speculations indicate that Volkswagen plans to make it independent. 

Is Lamborghini Publicly Traded?

Lamborghini is not yet a publicly traded company. The Lamborghini brand is under the Audi umbrella and, for investors, you can buy stock through the parent company. Audi, however, is publicly traded and continues to be a stock corporation.

Still, with the Volkswagen Group planning on leveraging the group’s strengths, it might be in your best interest to acquire Audi’s shares on the stock exchange. If you are looking to own stock in Lamborghini, purchasing VW stock might be the only option.

When Will Lamborghini Go Public?

Lamborghini’s profitability as a supercar brand is undeniable, and its high turnovers year after another prove this fact. With a turnover of Є1.61 billion in 2020, investors are biding their time for when Lambo carries out an initial public offering (IPO). An IPO would be the next logical step in the high-performance brand’s story with reported plans to go independent.

Lamborghini might follow the examples of Fiat-Chrystler, which offered Ferrari up to the public in 2015. The move more than tripled Ferrari’s value proving the potential value in going public. Still, it’s critical to note that IPOs don’t always lead to market growth. For example, in 2018, Aston Martin’s shares slumped after its IPO offering.  

A Brief History of Lamborghini – Who Owns Lamborghini?

As far as origin stories, the history of Lamborghini reads like something straight from a fictional novel. Post-WWII, a young Ferrucio Lamborghini had a passion for engineering and repurposed old military vehicles into tractors for farmers. Lamborghini created Lamborghini Trattori, which grew to become a profitable business venture.

As an affluent man, Lamborghini appreciated expensive cars, and as an owner of a Mercedes, Jaguar, and Maserati, he loved to frequently drive a fast car. But as a Ferrari sports car driver, Lamborghini felt the clutches were too problematic since they broke down too often. After complaining to Enzo Ferrari to no avail, a dismissed Lamborghini was furious.

Lamborghini’s fury towards Ferrari inspired him to create Lamborghini in 1963 as a rival in Italy. The brand’s bull logo was inspired by Ferrucio Lamborghini’s zodiac sign as a Taurus. The Lamborghini 350 GT became the company’s first-ever touring car. In the following ten years, the brand grew until Lamborghini retired in 1974.

Since then, Lamborghini has changed hands between various owners, including the Chrysler Corporation. Lamborghini is now owned by the Volkswagen Group (VW). Under VW’s Audi division, Lamborghini has introduced new models and products for customers that value speed and class.

Stephan Winkelmann: Lamborghini’s Experienced President & CEO

A company’s leadership can drive positive change, and Lamborghini is in safe hands with CEO Stephan Winkelmann. Winkelmann, Lamborghini’s president and CEO between 2005 and 2016, returned to his role at the helm of a company he had ushered into a favourable market position.

Under Winkelmann’s previous administration, Lamborghini released models like the V10 Huracán, V12 Aventador, and several limited editions. The company also made significant strides in its sales records as it entered a new era. When he rejoined Lamborghini, Winkelmann promised the world to expect surprises from both Bugatti and Lamborghini. 

Why Lamborghini Matters                        

Lamborghini is a significant supercar manufacturer whose foothold in the industry should not be underestimated. The V10 Huracan and the C12 Aventador drove Lamborghini’s growth to a global level. Delivering 7,430 cars amidst new product launches in 2020 was no easy feat, especially when the US, Germany, and China are major destinations. With high growths experienced in South Korea and Germany, the Lamborghini brand is positioned to compete more effectively in the future.

Outside of the automotive industry, Lamborghini has been expanding into new markets, including a deal with clothing giant Supreme. The move saw Lamborghini’s logo featured in multiple products, including jumpsuits and jackets.

Such market moves reveal that the Lamborghini brand is growing, and the company is leaving nothing to chance. The brand extensions are slowly creating a favourable image among consumers, a trend that improves brand visibility and customer loyalty.

News About Lamborghini

Lamborghini is attractive to potential buyers looking to cash on its impressive portfolio and growth potential as a luxury sportscar manufacturer. Among other suitors, Quantum Group AG has expressed interest in acquiring Automobil Lamborghini SpA, the brand that manufacturers Lamborghinis for the Volkswagen parent company. While Volkswagen clarified that Lamborghini wasn’t for sale, the $9.2 billion non-binding offer signalled a readiness to enter into talks.

Analysts argue that with Lamborghini’s money-spinning ability, VW should consider expanding the brand’s value. Selling Lamborghini might eliminate the hurdles of such operational aspects at a time when shifts increase survival prospects.

Final Verdict

Lamborghini’s performance and continued growth signal its great prospects in the future. As investors wait for a possible IPO if Volkwagen makes Lamborghini independent, it’s safe to say that it’s charting a path towards market dominance.

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