Investing is knowing when to buy and sell stocks, funds, or EFTs. Legendary investors like Warren Buffet made great wealth by always picking stocks by utilizing in-depth data well before others caught on. But for most people, studying the market and stock trends is tough since we don’t simply have the time or technical experience.

Money Map Report is an investment service by Money Map Press and Shah Gilani that solves the ordinary trader’s dilemma. The service is tailored for newbies and market pros who rely on market analysis reports to make trading decisions. 

Let’s review Money Map Report.

What Is Money Map Report?

Money Map report is a global financial newsletter that provides readers with a guide on making wealth. For subscribers, a monthly subscription offers analysis and investment ideas that identify dominant and upcoming trends. As a guide, Money Map Report advises readers on the best ways to take advantage of the market and structure their portfolio to create gains.

Brief History of Money Map Report

Money Map Report was founded by Shah Gilani, whose financial background proves why he’s a “trader’s trader.” Gilani’s career can be traced back to 1982 when he worked on the Chicago Board of Options, the US’ largest options exchange. While his work on the floor in Chicago was impressive, Gilani would prove his mettle in 1983 when S& P opened. Back then, he was a market maker whose influence grew with time.

As a trader, Gilani is credited as the Volatility Index (VIX) creator, which is used to measure volatility on S&P 500 index options. Later, Gilani ran Lloyd’s TSB futures and options division and worked at Roosevelt & Cross Inc. Other notable accomplishments include running hedge funds which helped him create contacts around the globe.

Why Is Money Map Report Popular?

Shah Gilani started the money map report to make buying and selling stocks easy for ordinary people to understand. The insights provided by the report make it popular among the consumers who take advantage of the carefully articulated market breakdowns.

In a world where finding verifiable recommendations and market analysis is tough, Money Map Report presents information in ways that subscribers can understand. With simple language that beginners can follow and pros appreciate, the service is helpful for stocks and trading.  

Should Investors Trust Money Map Report?

Money Map Report is extensive in its consideration of investors and offerings they should receive. With a background of financial advice and research-based data backing up the service, Money Map Report is as good a service as any.

Subscribers enjoy various aspects from Money Map Report, including trade alerts, access to the member’s portal, hyperdrive stocks, trade alerts, and a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. Money Map Report’s gold package offers buyers a “Buy This, Not That” option, tricks for trading, and reports such as the FOREVER investments. The diverse offers affirm Money Map Report’s legitimacy as an investment firm and an excellent foundation for traders.

Who Is Money Map Report Made For?

The Money Map Report is a worthy pursuit for people looking to invest their money wisely. An advantage of the service is its extensive reach to accommodate a variety of investors and traders. From swing traders to long-term investors, people looking to save and even retirees, Money Map Report is a safe bet. Additionally, the information and data from Money Map Report are created to be user-friendly with simple language to ensure that people get value.

Pros of Money Map Report

There are a few pros of Money Map Report.

Expert Advice

Gilani is a great investor, and his financial expertise and influence in the market are proven. For Money Map Report subscribers, trading in the market is about learning about opportunities and the best way to invest. For members, periodical guides show when to buy or sell stocks, funds, and EFTs safely.

A unique feature is the “Action To Take” update that recommends the price to pay, preferred exchanges, and management strategies to lower risks. Gilani analyzes market trends and events to ensure that subscribers understand what decisions to make when trading.

Reliable Method

Money Map Report relies on identifying stocks with great potential and stocks that can generate sustainable returns. Money Map’s impressive record proves that their method works, and with a market guru running the show, this is an approach investors can apply.   

Another method that makes the Money Map Report strong is its affiliation to the Arbitrage Detection Grid System (ADG System), which shows how much a stock is worth. The ADG reports predict the reactions from market forces, stocks, and profit levels to be expected.

Reputable Publication

Money Map Report is part of a larger portfolio known as Money Map Press. Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, USA, Money Map Press, founded in 2007, has built an outstanding reputation over the years. As one of the popular financial publishers, every production under the Money Map Press is research-based and verified.

Cons of Money Map Report

There are a few cons of Money Map Report.

No Training Options

Most investment firms in the market are known for accommodating all types of investors, from beginners to seasoned traders. While Money Map Report tries to make content approachable for beginners, the lack of options for trading training is a challenge. Newbies might be inconvenienced by the lack of options for self-learning on the platform, an aspect that might limit their flexibility.

No Live Chat Feature

For subscribers, Money Map Report is accessible through phone calls and emails. However, the lack of a live chat feature is a challenge that might undermine timely trading. While the service provides updates for investors, a live chat feature could improve the platform’s usability.


After factoring in all the evidence, the Money Map Report is a service with great potential and value to investors. Subscribers to the service can take advantage of its wide array of offerings and, with reports indicating the best times to buy or sell, is a strong competitor in the market.

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