Prime air is a company which provides air transport services for small packages and other items using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). It’s a huge growth market which would revolutionise home delivery.

Stock Price

The Prime Air Stock price has risen sharply this month due to Prime Air’s recent acquisition of net drone corp, Prime air’s launch of Prime Air Cargo Europe, Prime Air’s new aircraft design, Prime Air CEO Spencer Gore having just increased his stake in Prime Air Group PLC by $5 million dollars, the prime-air-corp TV ad campaign with Aardman Animation Ltd., and the rapidly growing global demand for consumer goods.


After receiving much interest from investors for Prime Air services, Prime Air was founded in 2016 by the world’s largest retailer. The Prime Air company uses a fleet of planes to ship items around the country and even the globe. As prime membership continues to grow exponentially, so does Prime Air. With an increase in package shipping via prime memberships, prime air has been able to maintain consistent growth in revenue and earnings per share since its opening year as a public company.


The technology behind Amazon Air is a prime component to the success of prime air. The prime system, a proprietary flight scheduling software based on computational intelligence and machine-learning algorithms, will provide prime members with the lowest possible pricing found anywhere for prime air services.

The system analyzes reams of data from market information to aviation weather patterns to track changing conditions that might affect flight schedules, delivery times and costs – literally, mind blowing stuff.

Prime Air is able to match capacity with demand more efficiently than any other airline or transport provider by continually adjusting routes in real time according to these ever-changing variables. This USP makes prime air a surefire way for investors to grow wealth over the next decade as prime membership skyrockets.

United Parcel Services

United Parcel Service operates a fleet of more than 19 prime air crafts. The prime air fleet was developed through an acquisition worth about $3.2 billion to acquire the parent company of Overnight Air and RPS shipping solutions, which were two prime air transport providers from the United Kingdom. This prime air stock is seen as being “strategic”, as UPS attempts to overwhelm its competition with better service and prices.

How to buy

The prime air stock is currently selling under the ticker symbol of “AMZN”, which means those who invest in prime air can purchase AMZN.

Prime stock’s closing price of $1,138 on December 30th is an increase of 11.24% since prime air services opened as a public company at $1,000 per share on June 18th 2016.

As prime memberships rise, prime air profits are certain to follow suit. Investors are encouraged to capitalize on this opportunity by investing now before it becomes too expensive for new market entrants.

Analyst forecasts indicate prime shares will climb to 150% higher than current levels within a 3 year time frame.

Air transport Services Group

The Air Transport Services Group is a  a contract cargo carrier operating many of Amazon’s planes.


Prime Air Stock should be a high consideration for those looking for opportunities to make significant gains over the long term. The size of the returns will ultimately depend on how mainstream air transport services become. Is the future of delivery through unmanned air vehicles? It’s certainly a huge opportunity and one which would revolutionise home delivery.

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