When you look to invest in something, hearing aids and wax removal may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But the possibly unexpected reality is that the demand for hearing aids is steady, with an increasing senior population and innovations in design and capabilities driving the industry forward. One report predicts that the hearing aid market in Europe is expected to hit 2.27 billion USD this year with an annual compound growth rate of 7.6%. That means by 2026, the industry should reach 3.2 billion USD.

The three biggest players in the European hearing aid industry are the UK, Germany, and France. Despite variations in the cost and effective use of hearing aids in the UK, the country still dominates the market, with over 1.6 million total units distributed across the private section and National Health Service. 

What To Look For…

The UK may not remain #1 in hearing aids throughout the industry’s five-year market projection. Experts expect the German hearing aid market to grow the fastest of all three countries. And, not to mention, some of the highest performing companies are based outside of the UK. These are just a few reasons to look into global companies. If you plan on investing in hearing aid stock, you should diversify your portfolio and look outside of UK-based manufacturers. 

You should also consider the popularity of different kinds of hearing aids and which company is driving the type of hearing aid(s) you wish to invest in.

  • Behind the Ear (BTE)
  • Open and Receiver in Canal/Ear (RIE)
  • In the Ear (ITE)
  • In the Canal (ITC)
  • Completely in the Canal (CIC)
  • Invisible in the Canal (IIC)
  • Super Power 
  • Cochlear Implant

[With thanks to Beckenham Hearing in Kent & Wickersley Audiology in Rotherham for the insight]

Here are the top hearing aid stocks you should consider as you make your decision.

1. Sonova Holding (SONVY)

Sononva started in 2007 in India and acquired Advanced Bionics in 2009. This acquisition combined Sonova’s existing hearing aid technology with hearing implant innovation in wireless devices and cochlear implants.

Why It Matters

By entering into cochlear implant technology, Sonova has set itself up to grow with the market. The global market for cochlear implants alone was 1.8 billion USD in 2020.

Stock Outlook

Sonova Holding is listed on SONVY. It is a dividend stock and currently pays out 0.69%. Though this may seem small, it makes the company a safe long-term investment. This is especially true because of Sonova’s trustworthy name in the market, selling five different brands, and its resilience. 

Shares of Sononva stock took a major hit at the start of the pandemic in March 2020. But by September, it had made a near-full recovery. Now, in 2021, it is holding an impressively high price trend and most likely won’t see a reversal anytime soon.

2. GN Group (LSE)

The GN Group is a well-known global leader in audio technology that connects people to the world through quality hearing devices. The company has roots dating back at least 150 years and has acquired and teamed up with various companies, Altia, BlueParrott, and Audigy, to name a few.

Why It Matters

Besides being a huge name in the hearing aid industry, the GN Groups manufactures some of the most popular hearing aids today, include the ReSound series and Evolve headsets.

Stock Outlook

If you want to buy shares of the GN Group, you can access them under GNGL on the London Stock Exchange. Overall, it seems like a fairly safe investment, as the hearing aid industry is projected to grow. The company also caters to a focused market with strong, convertible assets. GN Group’s profits are also equal to or greater than its competitors.

As the company is always innovating and releasing new hearing technology, we can expect the robust nature of GN Group to continue. Just recently, in 2021, the company announced the launch of its Jabra Earbuds and Iteron Move.

Something else to keep in mind, GN Group has a history of acquisitions, and these have worked well for them. Should the company continue to scope smart acquisitions, we could see further innovation strategies and steady growth.

(src: Microsuction London)

3. InnerScope Hearing Technologies (OTC)

InnerScope Hearing is a US-based hearing solutions company. The company was founded by Marvin Posey, an early innovator of modern hearing aid technology, in the 1950s.

Why It Matters

Though based in the United States, InnerScope Hearing Technologies not only has the potential to reach a massive amount of American consumers, the company’s global efforts to find the best technology and partners open it up to a potential global presence.

Stock Outlook

InnerScope Hearing is an over-the-counter stock. You can find it as INND. 

If ever a company tried to bring convenience to hearing assistance and screenings, InnerScope is it. The company is projected to install Hearing Screening Kiosks in several retail locations and has made free hearing screening tests available on the MyHearIQ website and app. Because the company is direct-to-consumer, these features give them an edge in the industry.

The MyHearIQ app has a custom-fit feature that helps customers customize their hearing aids to their needs. And they don’t even have to step into an audiologist’s office.

Stocks have dropped this year since around April, but, like Sonova, we expect them to gradually normalize.


Though we cannot accurately predict what any of these stocks will do in the future, we think it’s safe to say that buying stock in these three companies could be a nice investment. It may not get you the biggest returns, but it may have the stability and safety you’re looking for.

If you aren’t interested in these three, we suggest looking into companies that are performing well. And we don’t just mean in the UK, but globally, as well. A global presence means a bigger audience — and a bigger pool of people who may eventually need hearing assistance.

However, Sonova, GN Group, and Innerscope Hearing all emphasize innovation, and that’s what you want in a company. You want technology that moves forward and thereby moves stock forward and returns up.

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