Self-directed investing is an attractive approach for new investors. But even with the newfound freedom, it’s easy to make costly investment mistakes. Investing apps are the next best thing to avoid falling into the slippery slope of complications with highly concentrated portfolios and stock transformations.

Titan Invest is an affordable alternative to hedge funds that cuts the costs that lock small and new investors out.

What is Titan Invest?

Titan Invest is an automated investment advisor that brings the services of hedge-funds to all investors. Titan Invest helps investors own attractive socks in its top 20 portfolio using software that identifies high-performing stocks. Unlike traditional hedge funds, Titan Invest is affordable, with lesser charges and restrictions.  

Brief History of Titan Invest

Titan was founded in 2017 by Clay Gardner, Joe Percoco, and Max Bernardy. Coming from different backgrounds, the three founders had diverse approaches to investing. But working together, they found a way to create investment strategies that generated the best results.

At the beginning of Titan Invest’s operations, the founders studied hedge funds and strategies used to generate income. They realized that while long-term investment strategies created wealth, they were not available to everyone. They formed Titan Invest to automate investments and make it possible for everyone, big or small, to invest.

Why is Titan Invest Popular?

Titan Invest is popular for its quality-oriented approach to investing in strong companies long term. Titan Invest works from a top 20 stocks portfolio that investors can choose from. Titan Invest professionally manages a portfolio after an investor selects a portfolio at a fraction of hedge funds’ costs.

Other attractive features from Titan Invest include real-time updates, data on investments, video and audio notes, and letters on the portfolio. The company keeps the investor aware of their investments at all times.

How Does Titan Invest Work?

Titan Invest is a service that creates and manages a portfolio for investors. After signing up, Titan Invest allows you to choose an investor profile that matches your needs. The categories include aggressive, moderate, and conservative. An investor’s profile is essentially their preferred risk tolerance which users can adjust or “rebalance” periodically.

A portion of the investors money is dedicated to the personalized hedge after a sum of the investor’s cash is placed in stocks. The personalized hedge is an interesting feature since it cushions investors from any losses. If the market changes or the top 20 stocks underperform, the hedge lowers the impacts of the downturn. 

Should Investors Trust Titan Invest?

Titan Invest is not a scam, and its methodologies rely on tested strategies followed by investors like Warren Buffet. As part of their long-term and quality-oriented approach, Titan Invest only invests in companies with strong metrics.

The top 20 portfolio is curated from assets that the best hedge funds value highly, with the list updated frequently. Titan Invest provides a front-line experience of investing for an investor since individuals own direct shares in stocks. On the Titan Invest app, the words “Stocks You Own” affirms Titan Invest’s promise to give investors the freedom to invest.

Other aspects that make Titan Invest attractive include its reliance on an algorithm that relies on data and research-based predictions. Companies in their top 20 portfolio need to have excellent growth prospects, high returns, stellar leadership, and be competitive in their industries. The open communication about these features makes Titan Invest a great consideration for prospective investors.

Pros of Using Titan Invest

Confident Investment

Titan Invest operates from what it considers the top 20 stocks in the market, and for investors, entry means access to the promising portfolio. This aspect ensures that you know where your money is headed, and you are well-positioned to take advantage of top market performers.

Another perk is that the investments are backed by data from a research team that studies the market daily. The video and insightful reports produced by Titan Invest will always keep you in the loop.


Titan Invest is founded on the belief that hedge funds and the wealth they create should be accessible to all. The annual 1% advisory fee charged by Titan Invest is affordable compared to other hedge funds that start from 2% with an additional 20% performance fee.

Another perk with Titan Invest is its referral program that reduces the annual advisory fee by 0.25% per new account. This feature is a huge benefit to active investors since it makes it possible to reduce fees while growing their accounts.

Ownership and Accessibility 

Investors with Titan Invest remain confident in the preference given to assets as everyone is a direct owner. Unlike other funds that make ordinary investors shareholders, Titan Invest gives the owner full control at all times.

To facilitate more freedom, Titan Invest has a mobile app that makes the account easy to access. With an additional customer service team reachable through social media, email, and phone, Titan Invest is a partner to its investors.

Cons of Using Titan Invest

Limited Features

Titan Invest is great for stock-focused investments but is limited in other offerings. Other investment firms in the market provide subscribers access to financial planners, tax strategies, and even goal-setting techniques. At Titan Invest, the help is limited to video and report resources for stock investment.

Another limitation is that investors can’t access Titan Invest from web platforms. The firm operates largely on its mobile app, which reduces the flexibility that other rivals offer. The additional inaccessibility of Titan Invest to non-US investors limits its reach.


Titan Invest is a company that positions itself to benefit all investors with an approach that reduces financial risks. Titan Invest helps investors own assets with great potential for returns with an algorithm that selects the top-performing stocks. Equally, the personalized hedge protects investors from the risks of downturns that might upset financial projections.

Titan Invest is invested in creating better outcomes for all customers. New and small investors can take advantage of Titan Invest’s extensive offerings that open a whole new world of possibilities.

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