Every investor has a story about how they learned about the market, trading, and stock prices. While investors don’t often agree on much, they all believe that making money in trading depends on strategy and rules.

For newbies, learning from gurus like Al Brooks is a shortcut to success in the trading world. Here, you learn that buying and selling at the right time is key to earning big returns. Brooks teaches investors the best techniques for making decisions that rely on price actions, formations, and trends with his books.

What is the Brooks Trading Course?

Brooks trading is a course developed by Al Brooks, an expert on price action trading. Brooks offers investors a great foundation for learning how to trade price action. If you already know how to trade, the 98+ hour video course will prepare you for a leap to the next level. Whether you trade stocks, crypto, forex, or commodities, Brooks organizes a trading course that helps you learn at your own pace.  

Brief History of Al Brooks

Al Brooks started his career as an ophthalmologist with a medical degree from the University of Chicago. Gradually, the MD ventured into trading, and over three decades later, he’s become a renowned professional and speaker on the topic of successful trading.

If you go on Amazon, you can find books by Brooks that elaborate price action trading. The online trading world knows Brooks through his articles for Futures magazine and websites that teach his techniques.

Why is the Brooks Trading Course Popular?

Brooks’ course is popular since it presents complicated material in ways that are easier to digest. The first aspect that makes Brooks trading course unique is the use of ‘pure price action’ when trading.

The professional trader relies on a 20-period exponential moving average (EMA) chart that gives him all the information he needs. With a reliance on price information, Brooks emphasizes that studying subtle clues on charts is valuable. This is a technical analysis technique that grounds trading on price information.

For investors, the video content from Brooks is clear, and with subtitles to help them follow, anyone can learn.

How Does the Brooks Trading Course Work?

Brooks trading course is relevant to all levels and types of traders and is perfect if you are interested in forex, crypto, commodities, and stocks. The digital course is available in two almost identical versions, except one course uses examples, while the other does not.

  • Brooks Trading Course – This course has examples that focus on trading S&P 500 futures.
  • Brooks Forex Trading Course – This course is excellent for learning forex exchange trading.

The available trading courses have almost 190 videos that clock at more than 98 hours, making them an immersive and engaging learning experience. When getting into the course for the first time, you’ll realize that the content is divided into two segments, “Price Action Fundamentals” and “How To Trade.” The videos even have a terminology section that makes it easy for newbies to understand explanations within the course.

Should Investors Trust the Brooks Trading Course?

The best traders follow techniques and rules that, when applied consistently, lead to sustainable profits. The Brooks trading course relies on market information and follows a methodology that gets you results when mastered. 

Pros of the Brooks Trading Course

There are several pros to completing a course with Brooks. 


Brooks trading course is diverse, and it covers all the topics you need to be a good trader. With a slow but sure approach, Brooks presents a chart, trading plan, and approach to managing trade. Brooks explains all these aspects alongside market conditions and explaining the importance of weak and strong trends. 

Graduating from the course prepares you to trade in all market conditions.


The Brooks trading course is well designed, and from the many segments and chart examples, everything is extensive. 

One interesting feature of the trading course is color-coding, which helps learners follow through with the explanations.


The trading course is general and not based on seasonality. Brooks’ techniques are useful as they can be applied to any market or time frame. 

After completing the trading course, you’ll appreciate the attention paid to market phases and getting an insider view of what happens in the market. Mastering the Brooks trading course ensures that you become a better trader in all markets and various conditions.

Daily Price Action Updates

As a subscriber of the Brooks trading course, you get access to daily price action blogs. The daily blog is a great resource since it is available before markets open, followed by another update twenty minutes into trading.

Bonus Videos

Besides the main course content, the Brooks trading course provides follow-up videos that recap the most valuable information. With the 8+ hours’ bonus content, you learn psychology, open and final hours, day trading options, and end-of-day traps. The information ensures you remain enlightened.

Cons of the Brooks Trading Course

There are a few cons to completing a trading course with Brooks. 

Too Professional

The Brooks trading courses can be intimidating since it’s too professional. While the trading course starts as basic, it’s easy to get lost once Brooks goes deep into the concepts that can be hard to comprehend and grasp if you do not have a solid trading foundation.

Time Consuming

Subscribers to the Brooks trading course must invest their time and be willing to practice before they are ready to trade with the information Brooks teaches. To be a trader using Brooks techniques takes a few years of practice.

Wrapping Up

Traders understand markets differently, and Al Brooks trading course is comfortable to set up your trading skills. The trading course is unique since it’s made by a professional that thinks differently than other traders. Brooks believes that everything that happens in the market is important, and with the information in charts, he cracks the puzzle.

The Brooks trading course prepares learners to take charge of trading by understanding the market and seeing all opportunities.

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