Who are Miso Robotics?

Miso Robotics are a startup developing artificial intelligence driven robots to create the ‘kitchen of the future’. That is, a programmable robot that will cook anything you want, saving you time – quite remarkable.

Whilst there’s still a relatively big jump from the modern kitchen to the kitchen of the future, in a commercial setting the autonomous robotic kitchen assistant is much closer to being mainstream. The restaurant industry could benefit greatly from robotic kitchen assistants, for example in the preparation of food for cooking and in many cases, actually cooking the food as well. Whatever the technology is actually used for, all restaurants will benefit from the same thing and that is reduced labor costs.

This sounds like the next big thing, how do I buy in?

Miso Robotics aren’t yet publicly traded so investing directly in this company isn’t possible at the moment. However if you’re impressed by the technology, its application and potential it might be worth considering similar companies or companies that supply components and raw materials to Miso Robotics.

How can I see Miso Robotics stock price chart?

As Miso Robotics aren’t publicly traded they don’t have stock price so they don’t have any price history, which means there is no stock price chart to analyse.

Who owns miso robotics?

Miso Robotics

What is the best robotics stock to buy?

Robotics stocks are interesting. It’s becoming blindingly obvious that ‘robots’ will be harnessed in every way possible to make our lives easier. Whether that’s robotic cars, robotic parcel delivery or now, robotic kitchens. Finding an investing in the leading manufacturers of robots could be a lucrative strategy.

The best robotic companies to look at in 2022 are:

Who makes Flippy?

Flippy is Miso Robotics famous burger flipping arm designed primarily for fast food establishments. The new improved model, named Flippy 2, is the updated version which has many new features which help incorporate Flippy seamlessly into the restaurants processes.

How old is Flippy?

Flippy made its debut in 2017 so will be a sprightly 4 year old in 2022.

What companies use Miso Robotics?

Miso Robotics have a number of big brand partnerships with Inspire Brands being one of the most notable. Inspire Brands are the company behind household names such as Arby’s, Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robins. All brands are implementing Miso Robotics products within their commercial kitchens.

When will Miso Robotics IPO?

CEO Michael Bell has commented on the possibility of an IPO and suggested it would need to be the right time and the right circumstances. Miso Robotics are still developing and perfecting their product range and until they’re happy with their products, their application and they can scale, we would expect Miso Robotics to remain private.

Is Miso Robotics Legit?

Of all the robotics companies, especially those trying to disrupt the function of the commercial kitchen, Miso Robotics appear to be one to watch. Closely. The successful implementation of their products within a commercial kitchen would lead to significant savings on labor costs, tackle any local labor shortage and increase profit margins. They may also make restaurants safer with less room for human error as well as create the same food consistently, meaning a more reliable product.

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