Hyland Global Services were established in 1991 and are a leading content service provider, delivering over 1000 projects annually. Hyland employee over 600 technical experts based around the globe helping customers achieve their goals and employee over 3500 people in total, worldwide.

Is Hyland Software publicly traded?

As of February 2022, Hyland Software is not publicly traded.

Where is Hyland Software based?

Hyland Software has headquarters in Westlake, Ohio and employs 1,500 people globally across 11 countries. In 2015 the company made a strategic decision to move its global HQ from Willoughby Hills, Ohio to Westlake, Ohio. The new facility was designed with employee collaboration and sustainability in

Is Hyland Software listed on the stock market?

Hyland Software is not currently listed on NASDAQ or any other the stock market.


Hyland Software has annual revenues exceeding $1 billion and helped over 500 million users worldwide achieve their goals.

Hyland Acquisitions

In October 2022 Hyland acquired software company Alfresco Software and in April 2022, also acquired Nuxeo. Other notable acquisitions include AgileFAST and DocuPhase.

Who owns Hyland Software?

Thomas Bravo, a private equity firm specialising in software and based in San Fran, Chicago and Miami are believed to hold a majority stake in Hyland.

What is Hyland Software worth?

Hyland Software has an estimated worth of $5 billion.

How does Hyland generate revenue?

Revenues are generated through software licences and services provided to its customers, where they can choose from a variety of subscription plans or standalone software packages.

The most recent estimate is that Hyland Software currently has over 500 million users worldwide.

When will Hyland go public?

There is no information on when Hyland plans to go public.

Stock News

Stock news for Hyland Software will appear here when we have it.

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